The first impression is height. Erik’s capacity to meet the peaks is immediately perceptible and it has been so from his very beginnings till his latest compositions with sharp guitar, whirlwind of chords and electro board.
The voice is exceptional, both naturally lying on usually unimaginable postures but also worked to the limits of goldsmith’s art : self-assured, available.
This voice would almost seem to disturb the rendering of the text, captivating attention as it does. And yet, the singing is always a matter of emotion to which vocal technique remains at the service.

The second impression is attitude. If the persistence of ideals and the constancy of the project define an artist, then one can predict a long career, paved with success and spiced with bitterness, and also guided on a road leading to ever more beautiful music and texts so that those listening are more infatuated with kindness, ability to listen and freedom.

The last impression is habit. Listening to his recordings and his concerts, one knows ears are more opened to the world, eyes on the news. Curiosity is aroused and consciousness sharpened all the time and every day, so that nothing gets away.

                                                     Eric Ouzounian, journalist

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