1998-CHAOSMOSE postcard In 1998, Erik Karol composes and  interprets the music of the Cyber Opera Chaosmose by Juan Le Parc…Between crystalline and guttural voices, sacred chants, given rhythm by mix drum and oriental bass,
This show where the choreography and the music are the meaning supports, invites in a rite and in a celebration of imaginary, utopian and timeless moment.
Theater of images, choreography of objects, game of shadows, technological performance, biological experiences, Chaosmose mixs funnily the various arts of the sensitive.
This singular work investigates the dark parts of the country of the human body in evolution. It raises through the meanders of the myths of fertility and the erotic rites, in search of a reproduction assisted by the imagination.
Created & Directed by Juan le Parc
Original Music & Vocals by Erik Karol