Millenium Prophety

Millenium prophety is founded in january 1997 in New York City. Erik Karol (vocals, lyrics, programmations) and Emmanuel Reverdi (programmations, sax alto), are accompanied on stage with a magician and a New York spitter of fire eater Beth Bongar
A «drum’n bass/indie/jungle» with touch of free jazz, contemporary and experimental music.
Short-lived art, the buckle(loop) will be buckled(curled,locked up) in June, 1997. Millennium Prophety will realize new concerts in New York to ” Bagott inn ” and to the “Spiral spring” before the end of the experience..
Some title as “Millennium” and “Ollowé” are parts of Erik Karol’s project , ” Le Principe “.

Emmanuel Reverdi will released in 1998 a CD under the name «Access» titled «9ave B».We can find in particular 2 songs co-written and sung by Érik, «A Ride with Vin» et «beauty».