Salto Natale – Chamäleon


Chamaleon Cover The Salto Natale Circus presented the show Chamäleon in Zurich (Switzerland) from November, 2002, to January, 2003. Directed by Guy Caron, and choreographed by Julie Lachance, with a music composed by Scott Price
This show was especially created for the Christmas and New Years Eve’s celebrations.
Chamaleon tells the story of a man, Frisco (Patrik Leonard) and his journey to find his place in the world and to embrace his true nature. Erik Karol plays the blind dreamteller who through voice (in German for the narrative and English for the songs), provides the audience with the framework for understanding Frisco and his transformation.
Direction: Guy Caron
Chorégraphy: Julie Lachance
Music: Scott Price
Casting: Patrick Léonard, Erik Karol, Joe de Paul , Voronin, Jinny Jacinto, Zhang Gongli , Patricia Messier…


Lyrics: Guy Caron / Music: Scott Price
Vocals: Erik Karol

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