Vie Privée

Vie Privée is born in 1982 with Erik Karol (singer), Angel Garel de Ayala (guitar/keyboards) and Stéphane Claude (bass)Erik writes the lyrics and the trio together composes the music. Manuel Dubigeon, drummer, join the band at the end of 1982 for their first 4 songs studio recording, several shows, and a first one in Paris at the Gibus club.
The musical influences varies between Bauhaus, Joy division, Marquis de Sade, Olivier Messiaen ou Pierre Boulez.After Manuel Dubigeon leaves one year only after his arrival,  the band continued in trio with electronic drums and have numerous shows in Paris and around.
Vie Privée is qualified for the RTGB musical Springboard Final,  ponctuated by th recording of a song  “Dans les jardins du prince”  for a parisian bands compilation , before being part of a vidéo , at the Gibus again , for the launching of a cable TV, Antenne 1. One of their songs, “Hypnose”, is used as generic of the channel, which, unfortunately, will not see finally the cathodic day!
« Star Reich », a progressive rock punk is number 1 several weeks in an unreleased chart in a big radio station close Paris.
The band splits in 1985.
Erik Karol will keep singing for a long time on stage songs as  “Lucky” , “Doute” , “Star Reich”, “Purs Sacrifices”.
Angel Garel de Ayala has co composed with Erik Karol the song  “Surya”, at the end of 1998 for the Erik Karol’s unreleased album “Le Principe”.
Manuel Dubigeon collaborated to several Erik’s projects, phonographic (1987/88/89) or scenic (1993).